I’ve been a qualified tour guide in Venice since 1991, steeped in a profession that daily submerges me in the extraordinary cultural history of this city: from the classic to the contemporary to artisan crafts.

Regular visits to the rich art collections of the city are a constant source of stimulation that compel me to seek understanding, make comparisons, and trace connections between  the classical and the contemporary.

The city's many art-centered events (the Biennale, permanent colections and temporary exhibitions, art galleries) keep me up to date on local and international  artistic trends; but for me, above all it's the personal contact and interaction with the artist that are of fundamental importance to better understand the process of creating art.

I have a doctoral degree in contemporary German literature with a thesis on collective memory, and majors in art history and history.

Here you have my TEDxSanMarco talk, given in March 2019.


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Venice Master Artisans, 2003

Traditional Arts and Crafts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2005

Venedig in der deutschen Literatur des 20. Jahrhunderts. Ein Motiv des europäischen Gedächtnisses. 2005

Lucio Bubacco. Eternal Temptation, 2008

Die Gärten von Venedig, 2017

Ketzerisches Venedig, Zwischen Reformation und Inquisition, 2017

job koelewijn sanctuary 2007


Guided visits of temporary exhibitions and permanent collections of modern and contemporary art, artists’ studios and galleries.

Contemporary Venice Art Tours

The Insider's Guide to the Venice Contemporary Art Scene

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Contemporary Venice Art Tours